Brian Head - Founder and Co-Editor

Brian, a former schoolteacher, now a farmer, who founded The Crossword Club in 1978.

Keith Williams - Co-Editor

As an early retiree from the world of accountancy, Keith found himself with time to devote to all things cruciverbal and was therefore pleased to be able to volunteer to assist Brian Head in the next phase of the Crossword Club in 2022.  His own crossword credentials are fairly modest; a prolific solver, yes, and increasingly active setter too, either as one half of Eclogue or (infrequently now) in his own right as Logogriph.  While very occasionally his clues have made the upper echelons of Azed or Club clue-writing competitions, more often than not, they would usually ‘fail to trouble the scorers’!   Keith can trace his own membership of the Club back to Issue 166 in February 1992, having been offered a copy by the Editor, probably as a result of entering a Listener Crossword or two following its transition to The Times.   Now, some 30 years later, Keith finally ticked an ‘all-correct’ year off of his Crossword Bucket List in 2021 (and to his ever-increasing surprise backed it up in both 2022 and 2023 too) and has seen two Eclogue puzzles in the Listener series too.

Jeff Pearce - Clue Judge

The Club runs a bi-monthly clue writing competition. In 2022, Brian asked for volunteers brave enough to offer their services as the next clue judge.  As no former judge has ever been physically harmed during the process – mentally of course – so with some trepidation Jeff volunteered.  Previously, Jeff has set for the Sunday Times and had a brief spell as an occasional setter for the Times a few years back, while still appearing in other magazines anonymously and have had one Listener Crossword published– the second novel is always the hardest to write someone once said.  In addition, Jeff tries to enter the Azed Competition Puzzles each month and has had moderate success over the years.