Welcome to The Crossword Club

Since its formation in 1978 The Crossword Club has been providing members with some of the best — and most challenging — cryptic crosswords available anywhere composed by some of the world’s most accomplished setters.

We believe in the true Art of the Crossword with our members appreciating the finer points of clue-writing and diagram construction.

Despite this we insist that the only reason for the existence of crossword puzzles is for fun and entertainment.

CROSSWORD is sent electronically monthly to members.   Paper copies are available in return for a supply of (C5) SAEs/stamps + address labels.

To celebrate the 45th Anniversary of The Crossword Club, a collection of puzzles has been published in book-form for the first time, called "REVIVE 45". 

The "Print on Demand" A4 paperback is available from Amazon using the link below (or your local country equivalent):

Currently available on this site:-